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Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

Tax jurisdictions are becoming increasingly complicated. Due to the growing regulatory and economic substance requirements, entities need to also be increasingly transparent. Premier Fiduciary can help meet these demands. With complex rules, multiple deadlines, and different jurisdictions, Premier Fiduciary takes care of this complex process for you. Our service providers consist of highly knowledgeable professionals capable of providing service to businesses across the world. We will ensure your company is kept in good standing, leaving you to concentrate on your key business activities. We assist in the following jurisdictions: Singapore, United Kingdom, Seychelles, the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, and the U.S. (Delaware, New York, California).


We will ensure your company is on top of business laws and regulations, complying with all the relevant authorities. In Singapore, this means being fully compliant with ACRA’s annual filing requirements, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore’s (IRAS) obligations, appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and following the Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations. Certain types of business activities require regulation and licenses in Singapore, we can assist with this application.


The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was implemented to help the US IRS identifying US persons who may be evading taxes through the use of overseas banks and investment vehicles. The US Government concluded Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) with many partner countries to effectively implement FATCA into local legislation. FATCA and IGAs took effect on July 1st, 2014.

FATCA provisions dramatically alter the way non-US taxpayers will be conducting banking and investment activities through various entities and structures. Many portfolio investment entities that are professionally managed have to be classified as Foreign Financial Institutions (FFI). Many clients are concerned of the impact of the registration of these FFI entities with the IRS, of disclosing their personal information and need support in complying with the complex FATCA and IGA requirements.

Non-US clients also have to anticipate the increasing trend of automatic exchange of information between tax authorities. They have to ensure that their investment structure is also fully tax compliant in the country where the client is tax resident. We assist clients in manoeuvring the completion of FATCA forms and ongoing FATCA compliance, as well as compliance within the local countries’ regulations.

Premier Fiduciary can assist with both FATCA and Common Reporting Standard (CRS). CRS refers to the Common Reporting Standard, and is an internationally agreement between jurisdictions, on standards for the automatic exchange of financial account information. Singapore has committed to implementing the CRS and has been involved in exchanging account information with partner jurisdictions since 2018.

All Reporting Singapore Financial Institutions (SGFI) are required to register for CRS, conduct due diligence on financial accounts, and report relevant information to the IRAS.

Our Services:
Corporate governance
Compliance health checks (FATCA, CRS, others)
FATCA & CRS registration and reporting

Investigative Due Diligence

Companies require investigative due diligence to consider risks, minimize embarrassing situations, as well as obtain peace of mind. Our investigations may reveal intelligence critical to clients’ and their decision-making processes. Those involved in acquisitions, joint ventures, KYC’s, IPO’s, mergers, partnership deals, among others, should undertake serious investigative due diligence.

Premier Fiduciary provides comprehensive investigative due diligence reports. Our due diligence specialists’ source reliable information for clients to identify red flags and potential risks, minimizing uncertainty and maximizing client’s ability to make informed business decisions. Our due diligence investigations are customized to individual client’s needs, minimizing business risk, and providing information to relevant decision makers.

Such investigations could include prospective client investigations, business and individual background checks, social media searches, along with other necessary investigations. These investigations will uncover any illegal activity, regulatory issues, litigation history, politically exposed peoples, and entities, among many other issues that could prove damaging if not revealed.

Our investigative due diligence service lines include Concise, Comprehensive and Complete due diligence. To conduct these reports, Premier Fiduciary has in-house due diligence analysts, investigators, forensic accountants as well as auditors. We also utilize additional resources when needed, like international investigators who can conduct field enquiries in remote locations. We employ people of diverse backgrounds. Our multi-disciplinary team with various specialties like accounting, law, business, engineering and social sciences ensure all your bases are covered/protected from all angles.

Concise includes:
Politically Exposed Person search (PEP)
Special Interest Person (SIP) Search
and a Special Interest Entity (SIE) search

All prior checks plus,
Online adverse news search on individual/entity
Online adverse news search on related entity
Social media search

All prior checks plus,
Reference checks on bankruptcy/contract/criminal/education/employment/group sanctions/ ID/litigation/cyber vetting/pros/certification/references/residential for individuals
Corporate background and credit check, inclusive of business highlights, risk assessment, financial information, legal history/related legal events, management structures, Board of Director structures, business relationships and related parties, activity features (including company reputation, suppliers, and customers)
Any other checks where requested, on a case-by-case basis (i.e. company registry information, land titles, telecom registration. Additional fees for these services should be included in the package.)

Besides investigative due diligence, we offer a broad range of other compliance services.

Other Compliance Services includes:
Forensic Accounting
AML/CFT and Trade Sanctions Advisory Services
Corporate Investigations
    Corporate investigations on criminal activity
    Insurance Fraud Investigations
    Fraud Risk Investigations
    Commercial Investigations
    Background Investigations
    Pre- and Post-employment background screening
    Data protection compliance
    Employee testing & confidentiality
    Employee risk management
ISO Consultancy and Auditing Services
    ISO 37301 Compliance Management System
    ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System
    ISO 31000 Risk Management System
Regulatory Compliance (External Services)
    Establishment of compliance functions
    On-boarding of clients
    Transaction reviews
    Mystery audits, review, and remediation support
    Training and communications
    Periodic reviews
    Remediation projects
    Regulatory updates and changes
Data Privacy and Protection (External Services)
    Establishment of data protection functions
IMDA’s Data Protection-as-a-Service for SMEs (DPaaS@SMEs)
    Data protection compliance
    Data protection management
    Data breach management
    Training and communications
    Mystery audits, review, and remediation support
    Regulatory updates and changes

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