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Trust Services

Trusts are often used for top entities in private or corporate investment holding structures. This vehicle yields advantages, including reduced tax rates, tax deferrals and a separation of assets from those of the settlor and beneficiary. Premier Fiduciary helps you establish a trust or foundation to leverage advantages including reduced tax rates, tax deferrals and a separation of assets from those of the settlor and beneficiary. In addition to trusts and foundations, we specialize in tax advantaged structures, including Singapore 13O and 13U companies (see SFO section for more information). Premier Fiduciary provides trust related services in respect to Nevada and New Zealand Trusts, where we act as the licensed trustee.

Nevada Trusts

We provide the highest level of bespoke services by working with lawyers and tax advisors to customize solutions for wealth and succession planning, both for US and non US persons, using Nevada and the US as a bank custodian. We work with attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and insurance professionals from around the world, focusing on the US and Asia, to provide flexible trustee services and the unique advantages and benefits of Nevada trust situs.

Premier Fiduciary leverages Nevada’s robust and evolving trust laws through client-focused trustee and fiduciary services. As a full-service trustee, we offer administrative, custodial, and trustee services under Nevada situs.

Our professionals provide confidence and peace of mind to clients’ legal and financial lives. Clients know that their estate plan will be carried forward with great stewardship that protects assets for loved ones, while minimizing the impact of probate and taxes.

For wealth accumulation, Nevada offers several key advantages. It has no state or corporate income tax and therefore income generated from the trust is not taxed on the state level. Nevada also offers Dynasty Trusts which can last for 365 years, thereby allowing many generations to skip estate tax, if structured properly.

Overall, Nevada is a tier one trust jurisdiction and is globally recognized as a leader in wealth preservation and successive legacy planning. For asset protection, Nevada offers several key advantages. It has the shortest statute of limitations on asset transfers to spendthrift trusts, which is one of the shortest in the entire United States. It has high level creditor protection, as there are no “exception creditors” recognized under the state. Nevada also has laws which include claims for spousal and child support, unique to the state. There is no prohibition on settlor’s powers over the trust, except for making distribution to him or herself. Additionally, the settlor may choose to retain certain powers over the trust, except for making distributions to him or herself.

Favorable laws allow Nevada Trust Companies to perform trust administration services, while the investment advisor performs the duties required in the management of trust assets. Non-custodial trustee services also exist, that allow advisors to hold and manage trust assets on the preferred platform of the advisor.

Existing relationships with US private banks, international private organizations like Knight Frank, and Douglas Elliman provide pre-established and trustworthy avenues. With Premier Fiduciary’s reach in Asia, we also provide easy access to physical locations in Hong Kong and Singapore.

NZ Trusts

New Zealand has grown in prominence as an international trust jurisdiction over recent years for a variety of reasons including its tax neutrality as regards "foreign" trusts and its economic and political stability. New Zealand has an extensive network of international tax treaties and low level information disclosure requirements which are practical and not unduly inconvenient.

New Zealand’s foreign trusts regime ensures tax neutrality to “foreign” trusts, meaning no taxation on income generated outside the country. New Zealand Trusts also provide combined asset protection benefits of trust ownership in conjunction with the flexibility to distribute income and capital to beneficiaries who may require the funds.

New Zealand’s location is well situated to clients residing in Asia, Latin America and Europe, who may be constrained from using "offshore" financial centres due to blacklisting by central governments. New Zealand is also a respected OECD and FATF member jurisdiction with a solid commercial, professional and judicial infrastructure. There is a strong Asian cultural influence and synergy within New Zealand society due to high levels of investment in and immigration from Asia to New Zealand.

Our Trusts can be structured by themselves, or in combination with other structures we provide, like the 13O and 13U Singapore tax structures. Depending on your situation, Premier Fiduciary will create a unique and individual structure that suits you, and your family’s needs.

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